Director: Mike Figgis

Composer: Mike Figgis

Recording Studio: Red Mullet

Music Supervisor: Louise Hammer

This was an unusual project for Mark as it began by working on the film on location in Venice. Mark's responsibilities included making sure good sound was captured and that audio and video synchronisation was maintained during the making of the film. 

The film was shot with up to four cameras recording simultaneously in different locations with an improvised script. To obtaining good coverage of all the dialogue, minidisk recorders were used attached to Levelier microphones. To obtain a sync reference between the many recording devices, all the cameras and actors with their minidisks stood around a clapper-board to record a “clap”. This was then used to synchronise the audio in Pro-Tools.

Mark then recorded and mixed the score at Red Mullet using Logic Audio and Pro-Tools.

Mike Figgis